Blazblue Central Fiction Pro Cup S3 Qualifier #6





Discord https://discord.gg/bmYab


2 out of 3 Games whoever wins 2 games first takes the match

3 out of 5 games during Grand Finals Only

Double Elimination: once you have been defeated in the Winners and Losers bracket you are out the tournament.

Character Lock: Switching characters during a set is only allowed right after a loss game, the Winner of last game cannot switch characters.

Entries: If tournament entries exceed 10 people losers matches will be played off stream to a certain point and it is required for you and your opponent to fight each other if you're in losers till said otherwise

Failure to follow these rules will lead to DQs or Losers bracket placement


Check-ins: PLEASE use your Nintendo ID as your challonge name, not doing so hinders the tournament and be ready before tournament starts.

If your match is called and you do not report in 2 minutes and another match can't be played in your place you will be DQ'D out the tournament.  Always be active and alert in the twitch chat.

Connectivity: For the sake of everyone participating this tournament if your connection quality is very low and provides unplayable experiences I will have to omit you out of the tournament. You can test your connection here-> http://www.speedtest.net/

If both opponents agree, a redo match can be issued and I WILL give you time to restart your internet if someone chooses to do so.  QUIT THE MATCH ASAP IF THE CONNECTION IS UNPLAYABLE You will not be penalized. However if you play the whole match out the point will still be given to the victor of the match regardless of game condition.

If a disconnect happens midmatch the person responsible will automatically lose a game to their opponent unless their opponent objects to this.

If both players are experiencing bad connection specifically with each other the match will just have to be played out like normal. Nothing much can really be done about this issue sorry :(

If you have any issues let us know, we will listen to your thoughts or concerns but we do have the right to disagree.


冠军: KyouxChan
有价值对手: NouaNova
不在今天: evilsheep


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